Managing & Explaining Your Course's Revenue Through Accurate Weather Analysis


"At ClubCorp, we have been using CourseCast for about a year. Their weather information has been proven to be precise and helpful. We use the data to understand and explain rounds and revenue as well as using it to plan for the future. As a result, we can more accurately forecast revenue and plan our labor expenses” 

-Cathy Harbin, VP Golf Revenue


About CourseCast

CourseCast Is The Industry Leader In 

Golf Inventory Forecasting & Analysis

Created in collaboration with top golf management firms and weather experts, CourseCast is a dynamic performance & forecasting tool that provides the golfing industry with actionable, weather-corrected inventory data (revenue, rounds, playable hours, & playable days).


Some Clients Using CourseCast



Course-Specific Weather

CouresCast calculates the exact weather conditions for your course without having to install clunky, maintenance-rigorous weather stations.


Customizable Settings

Golfing behavior is contingent upon the unique climate surrounding a course; therefore CourseCast allows users to customize weather settings for an individual course (temp, precip, wind, overnight precip, freeze delay, tee-time interval etc.)


Historical Performance

Generate historical weather-corrected, playable inventory reports as far back as 17 years. Import actual rounds to accurately analyze utilization rates. 

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Accurately forecast potential rounds and the estimated revenues (90% Confident Interval). Confidently, adjust staffing schedules, manage agronomical decisions, tweak budgets, position marketing strategies, etc. 


Email Triggers

Receive playable round and revenue forecasts to stay ahead of the weather and to plan more efficiently.


24/7 Access

CourseCast is a web-based application that can be accessed 24/7 from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Revenue Projections

CourseCast's proprietary revenue model accurately forecasts revenue & inventory to help you make proactive decisions. 

Weather-Corrected Sales

Forecast based on CourseCast's weather & revenue modeling

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